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Warnings Against Laser Treatment

Warning Against Microwave treatment

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There are 4 main reasons against laser treatment for genital warts.

Persistent HPV After Laser Treatment

Persistent infection after laser treatment is documented and it is recommended to get HPV testing after laser treatment to make sure it has been eradicated. Please refer to National Institute of Health link below to read the study.

Courtesy of Dr Arani copy right protected, recurrence and scar after burning

HPV Transmission By Laser

Laser plume has been shown to actually transmit disease (HPV). Laser is used by various medical specialties to vaporize, ablate, or cut tissue. Laser emits light energy in the lower infrared range (10 600 nm), which is absorbed by water. Because of the relatively high water content of tissue, significant amounts of plume are generated. Human Papilloma Virus exist (survive) in this plum. Please refer to Following link of Journal of American Medical Association:

Laser Treatment With High Relapse Rate

Laser intensity and depth of penetration is pre set. This is the reason that many patients with laser therapy have high relapse rate of recurrence of genital warts. The warts comes in different shapes and thickness and hardness and they don’t follow the exact pattern. We have seen many patients in our institution with genital warts recurrence after laser treatment. In many instances laser will not eliminate the warts.

It is very important to remember that genital warts is not skin tag, mole or fibro epithelial that you burn and cook the sticking out tissue and it goes away easily and never grow back. Human papillomavirus will reproduce the genital warts after it falls off again and again because of human Papilloma virus.

According to this published study, clearance rates of laser treatment of genital warts ranging between 23 to 52 percent. Recurrence rates also tend to be elevated, reaching as high as 77 percent.

Laser Success Rate Is Only 20-40% According To WebMD

This would make the treatment success similar to cryotherapy (freezing) and other topical treatment. To see the WebMD report, click here.

Interferon and 5-fluorouracil and Candida injection are toxic and no longer recommended for HPV genital warts treatment

There has been many horrible cases of genital warts treatment with 5FU and interferon that it is no longer recommended for genital warts treatment. Unfortunately, We have also seen many cases of patients who were victims of these older treatments approach. Many damages are irreversible because of necrosis and loss of tissue on genital. I always tell if you have a growth on your toe or ingrown toenail then you won’t cut the whole toe out to cure the problem. It will obviously get rid of your problem as well as your toe. Always do research and get educated on your condition and ask many questions from your doctor and see published before and after pictures. Following are latest study link of not recommending 5FU and Interferon treatment :

These patients were referred to to Dr. Arani,M.D. after interferon and 5-fluorouracil skin damages.